And it begins…

And here we are, starting a blog…why? Other than because my wife suggested (repeatedly) that I should…I realised that I have no creative outlet, and rather than admit to the aforementioned wife that she was right, I shall instead claim that this was my idea.

It does make me think though, which is rarely a good thing, about how this is yet another iteration of what the common man has done since the beginning of the internet. The self glorification of otherwise not-so-glorious people that began with free webspace sites like geocities and evolved into things like livejournal, and now blogs. Blogs seem a bit more mature, a bit more authentic somehow, though I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s that the people that cut their teeth on those now painful to look at  checkmeout/ type sites, and moved on to the livejournal/imsodeepandsad diaries, have grown up and learned from it? Whatever the case, hopefully I’ll be able to turn this into something that people stumbling around the internet will actually want to read.

And if not, fuck ’em.



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2 responses to “And it begins…

  1. I think you’ll find you like it here. I certainly do.

    And you must be at least a little awesome, you are Laura’s husband after all.

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