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More Costume Ideas for Fat Guys

Convention season is upon us again, and so are the woes of my nerdy, girthy bretheren who want to go to cons and show off the fanboyhood (as opposed to fanmanhood, I guess), but not look stupid doing so.

Last year I wrote an entry highlighting some of the more notable fat characters from nerd culture that would make great costume choices for the larger set (and Mojo…still working on that one). Hopefully someone gleaned something of use from that instead of having to go dressed as “[INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE] but fat”. With that in mind, I scoured my considerably nerdy brain and the internet; the ultimate nerdy brain, to bring you a few more suggestions, so let’s get down to it.



Cowboy Bebop is widely regarded as one of the best anime series of all time, and Tongpu, also known as Mad Pierrot, was certainly one of the more unique villains to appear in the series. Not only is this actually a very classy-looking costume, but anyone who recognizes the character will remember just who badass (and batshit) he was.





One of the more obscure villains from The Venture Bros., Fat Chance had the interesting power to pull completely random objects from a dimensional hole on his stomach. This is a pretty easy costume to pull off, and a fun way to show that you have a sense of humor about yourself.





The creepy, doll-faced Android 19 showed up during Dragonball Z’s Android Saga. His goal, like all villains from that show, was to throw people through mountains and make Goku and his pals sweat, grunt, and turn blonde. I think. That show was weird. Still, this was one of the more interesting character designs, and could look really cool if done with some care. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I’ve got a little more DBZ love for you…





Fuck Majin Buu. Fuck Majin Buu forever. I’m sorry, but in a series like Dragonball Z, it’s pretty hard to be “too goofy”, but Majin Buu really knocked it out of the park. He wasn’t so bad later on when he did his obligatory transformations like everyone else on that show, but in this form he was pretty much the worst, what with his genie pants, and his ultimate attack; turning people into chocolate and eating them. Still, if you want to make this your convention costume, be my guest.





You didn’t really think I’d leave the Star Wars fans hanging, did you? Here you go, a Star Wars character, that not only overweight, but still a Sith Lord to boot. Darth Vectivus is definitely one of the more obscure Star Wars characters out there, and that’s really saying something. Still, a fat Sith Lord, and one that wasn’t cartoonishly evil at that, makes Vectivus a really interesting character. There’s not a lot to go on with this one, and most people won’t recognize you as anything but a fat Dark Jedi, so you get the added satisfaction of explaining it to them too.


Well, there you have it, some more possibilities for the portly nerd to look cool. I hope it helps. If you’ve got any more suggestions, leave a comment. I’d love to hear them.


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